Thursday, December 9, 2010

Burial Rites and Traditions

Following is a story that was conveyed during the course of our first focus group.  Much to our surprise it happened in the early 1960's in the United States. 

A woman had twins prematurely (4-6 wks.), and the first was really born at home. She raced to the hospital but the first baby was already gone.  She was told that they had to take the second baby who also died.  It turned to be a boy and a girl. 

The hospital refused to tell the woman what they had done with the babies or if and where they were buried.  It haunted her terribly throughout her life that she was unable to grieve and visit their graves, etc. She was never able to talk about it or tell her other children about it until they were grown.

Every life is sacred and we have an obligation to treat it with dignity and respect even when life has ended. The issue of burial rites is a universal one. 

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