Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Update

Hello Ms. Maguire:
Thank you for  your post and for your interest in our project.
Of course, we are quite familiar with your name and your wonderful work, having done research on Irish Cilliní.
As you can see from our blog, our original goal was to produce a documentary on the subject, but then got word that the BBC was doing just that (a bit larger than our operation, as you might well imagine). However, we were not deterred, as what we lack in size, we make up for in commitment and perseverance. We continued with the listing of Cilliní throughout Ireland. After that we put together the Facebook Page and slowly, but steadily we are attempting to spread the word.
The tragedy of Milltown of course brought it to the forefront, but it's sad to think that there are so many more, and that behind the numbers are real families who have suffered unimaginable grief. We believe there is still a story that needs to be told.
As you said, there is no memorial to mark the locations, but there are those among us who possess the artistic ability to create something like that and those who have what it takes to bring it to fruition. If we can serve as the "convenors" of those who can accomplish projects such as these, then that will be a job well done. If we can possibly create a documentary down the road that tells the situation in the whole of  Ireland, that would be better yet.
In any event, we would absolutely love to have you involved in our project. Your expertise and knowledge would be most welcome.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Maryann Tracy
Belinda Weldon Evangelista


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