Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fiercely Protect Your National Heritage

As you may have heard, a proposal has been made by the Irish Department
of Arts, Heritage  the Gaeltacht to remove statutory protection from
archaeological and historical sites that post-date 1700.

This is a very troubling proposition. The Irish people have a right to
preserve and protect that which is important and dear to them. That includes
environmental protection and historic and cultural preservation. It is what makes
up their heritage and should not be left vulnerable or endangered.

The bodies discovered in the Cillini at Milltown alone may be the tip
of the proverbial iceberg . To suddenly leave them defenseless would be
nothing less than criminal.

Enough  injustices have already taken place.

Make sure that your voice is heard.

Don't let your heritage go unprotected.

Contact your government officials and let them know that you are against
this proposal.

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